330 GT Registry

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Carpet Colors

The original carpet used by Pininfarina in the 330 GT model was a Wilton style carpet in a variety of colors.  It was made by Paracchi which closed in the late 80s.

Here are sample colors from current production.

200 - Black

201 - Light Gray

207 - Gray

212- Tan

214 - Blue

217 Taupe

221 Red

229 Rust

230 Taupe

233 - Maroon

237 Rust Tan

241 - Navy

The samples are courtesy of Bill Hirsch Auto Parts.

Heel Pads

There are heel pads sewn onto the driver's and passenger's under foot carpet.  Here are some pictures of original heel pads.

Driver's side

Passenger's Side

The pad is gone,
but you can see the
outline of where it
had been.

This heel pad was found stitched under
a carpet protection mat.
As you can see, same rubber material.

These are pictures of a passenger side original heel pad from 8715, 
Courtesy of Dennison International.

Trunk Carpet

The trunk carpet was always black Italian wool in a small square weave pattern.