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Plating and Finishes

Hopefully this page will evolve to a comprehensive list of the various plating and finishes that Ferrari used on the 330 GT.  For the 330 America (and GTE), click here.

In general, a semi-gloss black paint was used for the chassis, under hood and trunk areas.

Silver cadmium plated items:

  1. Hood prop rod.
  2. Hood latch pin assembly (on the hood).
  3. Hood safety latch.
  4. Trunk latch catch (part bolted to body).
  5. Trunk latch assembly (part bolted to trunk lid).
  6. Strut that keeps the trunk open.
  7. Ratcheting spark plug wrench and sockets.
  8. Grease gun hose and adaptor.
  9. Grease gun extension (for driveshaft).
  10. Strap for brake fluid bottles (Interim and series 2 cars).
  11. Radiator cap(s).
  12. Cheney clamps.
  13. Copiglia clamps.
  14. Cap nuts used on valve covers, etc.
  15. Oil filter wrench.
  16. Door, hood and trunk light switches.
  17. Hood bumper assembly.
  18. Brake calipers.
  19. Horn compressor bracket.
  20. Oil and fuel line fittings (at ends of wire wrapped hoses).
  21. Socket ends of carburetor linkages.

Nickel plated items:

  1. A/C hose fittings.
  2. Pitman arm.
  3. Steering idler arm.
  4. Suspension upper and lower arms.
  5. Grease gun.
  6. Sides of the slotted style air cleaner.
  7. Roadmaster horn trumpet locking nuts.

Polished stainless steel items:

  1. Front and rear windshield trim.
  2. Window pillar trim.
  3. Plate on carpet near accelerator.
  4. Series 1 bumpers.
  5. A pillar jamb trim.
  6. B pillar jamb trim.
  7. Long triangular strips under doors.
  8. Grille surround.
  9. Windshield wiper arms and blades.
  10. Rear reflector surrounds.
  11. Front license plate frame (Euro version). 
  12. Vent window inner trim, both vertical and horizontal.
  13. Rain gutter trim.

Polished aluminum items:

  1. Steering wheel spokes and horn button trim.
  2. Back of rear view mirror on series 2 cars.
  3. Hood pad straps.

Car body color painted items:

  1. Trunk hinges.  Some seem to be body color for the portion mounted on the car while the portion bolted to the trunk is black.
  2. Fuel filler cap on series 2 cars, except for chrome on outside edge.
  3. Fuel filler door on series 1 cars.
  4. Front fender vents.
  5. Door hinge cover fascias.
  6. Channel around hood and trunk.
  7. ~" around outside on underside of hood and trunk lids on series 2 cars..
  8. Rockers and below front and rear bumpers.

Silver painted items (VHT Universal Aluminum SP127):

  1. Engine block.
  2. Intake manifolds.
  3. Timing chest.
  4. Chain tensioner.
  5. Sump.
  6. Differential body (tubes are black).
  7. Transmission.
  8. Aluminum base for brake booster (interim and series 2 cars).

Black semi-gloss painted items:

  1. Hood safety latch on firewall.
  2. Hood spring clips on series 2 cars.
  3. Hood hinges.
  4. Hood coiled springs on series 1 cars.
  5. Clip that holds up the spare tire cover strap on series 2 car.
  6. Dunlop brake booster (interim and series 2).
  7. Differential tubes.
  8. Leaf springs.
  9. Underside of hood and trunk lids.
  10. Steering box.
  11. Steering shaft.
  12. Pinch weld strips.
  13. Radiator.
  14. Air cleaner (just top and bottom if slotted style).

Black gloss painted items:

  1. Metal top portion of FISPA electric fuel pump.

Chrome plated items:

  1. Bumpers and overriders on a series 2 car.
  2. Front turn signal surrounds.
  3. Headlight trim rings.
  4. Rear brake/tail light surrounds.
  5. License plate light housings.
  6. Backup light housing(s).
  7. Visor fittings.
  8. Rear view mirror bracket.
  9. Wire wheels.
  10. Rear quarter window surround.
  11. Rear quarter window latches.
  12. Interior light housings.
  13. Fuse box knurled nuts.
  14. Knurled nuts for air cleaner with snouts.
  15. Coat hooks.
  16. Turn, headlight and wiper or O/D stalks.
  17. Fuel filler release housing and lever on series 2 cars.
  18. Fuel filler cap on a series 2 car (~" at edge, rest is body color)
  19. Pliers.
  20. T-handle spark plug wrench.
  21. Exterior door handle.
  22. Interior door handle.
  23. Interior door handle escutcheon.
  24. Fuel log.
  25. Ash trays.
  26. Glove box hinges.
  27. Gear shift and locking nut.
  28. Side mirror(s) if so equipped.
  29. Air vent trim between hood and windshield.
  30. Hood release knob.
  31. Electric window switches (or window crank).
  32. Hand brake.
  33. Jack hole plugs.
  34. Knockoffs.
  35. Pininfarina script.
  36. Trim around aluminum panels on lower door panels.
  37. Front fender vent trim (series 2 cars).
  38. Ferrari horse in grille.
  39. Front license plate frame (US version).
  40. Rear license plate frame (both versions).
  41. Seat back hinges.
  42. Hand hold strap ends.
  43. Vent window surround.
  44. Foot well kick panel trim.
  45. Console hold down screw.
  46. Outside trim at bottom of window in doors.
  47. Circular trim on alloy wheels.
  48. Glove box lock on series 1 cars.
  49. Vent window handle on series 1 cars.

Black oxide finish:

  1. In general, most bolts, washers and nuts.
  2. Accelerator shaft.
  3. Clips for ends of accelerator rods (from accelerator shaft to each carburetor).
  4. Threaded rods from accelerator shaft to each carburetor.
  5. Accelerator shaft arms.
  6. Hood torsion springs on series 2 cars.
  7. Battery hold-down wing nuts.

Black wrinkle painted items:

  1. Valve covers, including the Ferrari script, but not the flat area where the firing order plate is mounted.
  2. Chain covers.
  3. Heat shields.
  4. Starter heat shield.
  5. Fuse box cover.
  6. Accelerator cable upright mounted to LH valve cover.
  7. Accelerator shaft mounts mounted to RH valve cover.
  8. Ignition wiring tubes.
  9. Metal portion of horn compressor.
  10. Back of rear view mirror on series 1 cars.

Natural finish items:

  1. Oil breather cap(s).  This is unpolished aluminum.
  2. Heater valves (both manual and wire controlled).
  3. Aluminum panels on lower door panel.  These are anodized aluminum.
  4. Inner door sill guards.  These are anodized aluminum.
  5. Outer door sill guards.  These are anodized aluminum.
  6. Grille slats. Polished aluminum.
  7. Ferrari script.  This is anodized aluminum.
  8. Door latch receiver (in door jamb).  This is unpolished aluminum.
  9. Metal bottom portion of FISPA electric fuel pump.
  10. Bonaldi brake boosters (series 1)

Gold Cadmium plated items:

  1. Bonaldi brake booster (late series 2 >~9000).

Comments, corrections and additions gladly accepted.