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Connolly Leather Colors

Ferrari mainly used Connolly leather during the 330 GT production run.  Connolly leather came in several finishes.  The Vaumol finish is a surface dyed color and it was used in most Ferraris through the 512BBi. The V8 production used the Autolux finish which is vat dyed on a thinner leather.  In 1984, all production changed to Autolux until 2001 when Ferrari stopped using Connolly leather.  Note, Connolly went out of business in 2002.

Ferrari also used a leather from Franzi for some of the 330 GTs.  The Franzi leather is surface dyed with a deeper and glossier finish than the Connolly leather.

For more detailed information on the history of leather used by Ferrari, click here.

The leather covered surfaces are:

Front seat

Rear seat

Door panel

Dog leg panel

Wheel well coverings

Package shelf

Strip glued under rear window


Gear shift boot

Arm rest between the rear seat

Hump between rear floor sections

Hand brake cover

Fuel lid release lever surround (Series 2 model)

Several other surfaces are covered in black leatherette (no matter what the leather color is):

A pillar

B pillar


Padded bolster at bottom of dash
Door arm rest

Foot well kick panel

Bolster under door window

Bolster under quarter window

Trunk catch bar surround

The four trim pieces around the headliner are covered with beige/gray leatherette.

This table is a list of the leather colors as known to have come as original leather in 330 GTs.  Most were from Connolly, but some of the colors were made by Franzi.

Arancia VM 3104Orange VM 3104
Beige Franzi BG02Beige Franzi BG02
Beige ImperialeImperial Beige
Beige Scuro VM 845Dark Beige VM 845
Beige Scuro VM 846Cinnamon VM 846
Beige VM 3100Beige VM 3100
Beige VM 3218Beige VM 3218
Beige VM 3309Beige VM 3309
Bianco VM 3323White VM 3323
Bleu Chiaro VM 3469Light Blue VM 3469
Bleu Nuvola VM 3015Light Blue VM 3015
Bleu VM 3025Blue VM 3025
Bleu VM 3087Blue VM 3087
Castagno VM 891Chestnut VM 891
Crema VM 3997Magnolia VM 3997
Franzi Bleu BL 01Franzi Blue BL 01
Grigio GR 01 FranziGray GR 01 Franzi
Grigio ImperialeImperial Gray
Grigio VM 3230Gray VM 3230
Marrone VM 890Brown VM 890
Nero FranziBlack Franzi
Nero Franzi NR2Black Franzi NR2
Nero ImperialeImperial Black
Nero VM 8500Black VM 8500
Rosso Scuro VM 893Burgundy VM 893
Rosso VM 3086Red VM 3086
Rosso VM 3095Red VM 3095
Rosso VM 3171Red VM 3171
Rosso VM 3195Red VM 3195
Verde Chiaro VM 3124Light Green VM 3124
Verde VM 3655Green VM 3655
Verde VM 8370Green VM 8370
Verde VM 895Green VM 895

These are leather samples for some of the original colors available for a new 330 GT.  The information comes from Keith Bluemel's Original Ferrari V12 book and the samples are courtesy of HVL Exclusive Italian Interiors.

Cinnamon VM846

Beige VM3218

Beige VM3309

Black VM8500

Light Blue VM3015

Brown VM890

Burgundy A893 (VM893)

Gray A3230 (VM3230)

Red VM3171

Light Green VM3124

White VM3323

Orange VM3104

Green VM3655

Magnolia VM3997

Chestnut VM891
No picture
Blue VM3087
No Picture
Blue VM3025
No Picture
Red VM3086
No Picture
Red VM3095
No Picture
Beige VM3100
No Picture
Red VM3195
No Picture
Green VM8370
No Picture
Dark Beige VM845
No Picture
Green VM895
 No picture
Light Blue VM3469

Original Connolly leather sample book and HVL sample card.

Here's a chart with the original leather colors classified by general color group.  This is based on the ~800 cars where the original color is known.  As you can see, black was predominant with red and beige being the next most popular.

This chart is for the last known leather colors of ~1050 cars. Owners do not change the leather color much, but you can see that brown and tan are more popular while black is a higher percentage.  Perhaps because most colors can be dyed black to look better rather than replacing the worn leather.