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Owner's Pouch

The owner's pouch would have come with various manuals and papers depending on which model of 330 GT it was in.

Reproduction pouch with various original and reproduction documents

For 330 America and 4HL 330 GT Series 1 models (up through ~1964), the owner's pouch was different than that used on the Interim and Series 2 models.



This pouch was also used for 250 Lusso and GTE models.  It is 9¼" x 6½" by ½" thick when folded, 9¼ x 13" when open.  The inner pockets are lined or made of red leather.

The following pictures are of the later pouch appropriate for the Interim and series 2 330 GT models.  The 1965 parts manual is larger, so it requires this larger pouch.



Inside Left

Inside Right

Notice the silk lining and the Ferrari horse in gold on the front.  This would be the correct pouch for all models in the mid 60s, including 275 and the 330 GTC and GTS models.  The pouch is 10" x 7" x 1/2" thick closed and 10" x 14-1/2" when open.  It has one pocket on the outside back.  On the inside it has two pockets on the left and one pocket on the right. The inside of the pocket on the back is lined with the same silk cloth as is on the inside.  The inside pockets are lined on the inside bottom with the same cloth and the top of the pocket is lined with what seems to be paper.  This paper falls apart over the years.  A thanks to Terry Philips for providing the pictures and information on this pouch.

The manuals that would have been inside would be the appropriate owner's manual and addendums, parts manual (except America), warranty booklet and sales and service booklet for the correct year.  If the car was equipped with a radio, then the manuals and warranty card for it and the antenna would also be included.  There would have been a warranty card and service information for the battery.  The electric clock would have had an instructions tag hanging from the adjusting knob.  If the car was equipped with A/C, there would have been a Borletti warranty booklet.

There would also have been a wiping cloth inside of the owner's pouch.

 America4 headlight carInterim car (4 headlight/5 speed)2 headlight car
Owner's Manual
Versions in Italian, French and English

4HL manual plus 04/65 addendum

4HL manual plus
04/65 addendum plus
1966 Instruments and Controls
Mechanical Parts ManualNot published330GTM1PM.JPG (506270 bytes)
330GT1965PM.JPG (121539 bytes)
1965 version
330GT1965PM.JPG (121539 bytes)
1965 version

French Version
For cars delivered outside of Italy

Italian Version
For cars delivered to Italy
Sales and Service Booklet




 Magneti Marelli Battery Warranty Card
Courtesy of Buddy Obara (9667GT)
Magneti Marelli Battery Owner's Manual (34 pages)
Courtesy of Buddy Obara (9667GT)
Clock Tag
 Borletti Air Conditioning Warranty Booklet
Courtesy of Buddy Obara (9667GT)
Clock Hang Tag
Note, there are at least 3 types of hang tags.
The correct one for the 330 GT says 'ELECTRIC CLOCK' and 'Pull'.

Courtesy of David Carte

Courtesy of Jon Shirley

Courtesy of Parker Hall

Courtesy of David Carte
Radio** & AntennaBecker Europa (Mono)Becker Europa II (Stereo)Blaupunkt Köln
Courtesy of Chris Kantarjiev
Hirschmann Antenna
Owner's Manual
Front and Back
Service Booklet
Warranty Card
Window Sticker
Original Window Sticker from 8855
Courtesy of Lowell Brown


*A note on the wiping cloths.  As you can see in the picture from Jon Shirley, there were (at least) two different types.  The Ferrari Modena script one was probably used through 1961 or so.  The Shell one superseded it.  The 1961 date is pretty iffy.  Shell started using that particular logo style in 1961.  Ferrari could have changed at a later date.

**A factory price list from 1967 has the Blaupunkt Köln radio as an option.  So that would have been the OEM radio if one was installed at the factory.