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This article is quite long with only a short portion devoted to the 330 GT which is excerpted on this page.
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52 Salon de
l’ Automobile
de Paris


New coachwork on Ferrari 330 GT 2+2 (also by Pininfarina) eliminates dual headlights, although we understand both versions will be available to the customer. Engine continues as 4-liter V-12.

There was also a big foreign representation at the Salon hut, as one would suppose with the German show just over and British plus Italian to come, there was not too much new. As far as the Italians were concerned, about the only thing interesting was an Autobianchi front-wheel-drive coupe (derived from the Primula) looking strangely vintage with wire wheels; Kugelfischer fuel injection applied to the Lancia Flavia, which gives that somewhat heavy car extra power in the middle range and even better fuel economy; new interior trim on the Touring-bodied Lamborghini (the Zagato coupe, a convertible, and the frantic mid-transverse-engined coupe will be at Turin); and slight trim changes on the 2300 Fiat coupe. The biggest stir was from Ferrari, who produced a modified nose on the GTB to assist cooling and also made room behind the seats for a bit of baggage, bringing as well a two-headlight version (one on each side, that is) of the massive 330 GT with relocated and chrome- trimmed engine vent slats. I can’t imagine why they went back to two headlamps unless it was in answer to pleas by the accessory light manufacturers, as the present four are just barely adequate in fast night cruising.


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