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Sports Car World February, 1969


Jerry Sloniger takes his annual pilgrimage to the Turin Motor Show —
where all the good body beaters show their wares to the world at large.

. . .

Vignale should do so well with their ‘68 offerings. We will draw a dispairing curtain over items like Maser and Matra coupes with fake ports in the rear quarters, not to mention the mid-50s American color scheme of crimson and cream for the poor Matra. Most intriguing (not to be confused with most tasteful) Vignale offering was reputedly styled in America anyway, a yellow and off-brown station wagon with imitation yellow fur rug in the luggage compartment, parcel rail on the roof and air conditioning. All this and a Ferrari 330 chassis. Coco Chinetti, son of the US importer, and Bob Peak an industrial illustrator of things like movie credits (Grand Prix) expect to sell several dozen a year.

This very modern
Ferrari-wagon style
came from Coco
Chinetti and Bob
Peak of the US.
Using the Ferrari 330
chassis, they hope to
sell the Vignale-built
wagon in dozen lots . . .

. . .