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Twin headlamps grace a “production” Ferrari for the first time
Four-litre Ferrari
The well-tried four litre version of Ferrari’s famous V12 engine is installed in the new 330 GT, successor to the 250 GT. With a wheelbase increase of two inches (to 8 ft 8 in) much of the appeal of the car is in increased comfort, with more interior length and height although exterior dimensions are almost the same. Numerous improvements have been made to the interior, including new instruments which have been carefully designed to eliminate dazzle, a new heating and ventilation system, and generous quantities of leather are used, well padded to give maximum sound- proofing and thermal insulation.
Used in the Superamerica Coupe, the 3.967 cc engine has a power output of 340 bhp at 6,750 rpm, with 304 lb ft of torque at 4.000 rpm. This would suffice to give the new model a top speed approaching 170 mph with the startling acceleration expected of any car from Maranello.
For the first time, dual headlights are seen on a Ferrari. Pininfarina has skilfully blended this modern styling onto the quite traditional front, which retains the familiar radiator grille. The 330 GT is, like its predecessor, a “Coupe 2 + 2”, offering the greatest comfort for two people but with accomodation for four.
The shapely rounded rear is reputedly causing
some controversy among Ferrari-philes
Interior room has not been gained at the expense
of a handsome profile

February, 1964    Sporting Motorist