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Back-street classics

It's not often you find a Ferrari abandoned on a city street: this 330GT found in Adelaide


This column is about cars which have been out of use for years and the stories behind then; I do not usually cover cars which are still on the road.  However, there must be an exception to all rules.

Garry Hisco of Adelaide sent me this picture (above) of a c1964 Ferrari 330GT which he photographed parked in a back street of that city.  He describes it as "...a very used Ferrari... The interior is original and quite good.  If's been converted from left-hand drive...  I find cars like this far more interesting than pristine examples...  It is regularly abandoned for weeks at a time in and around Adelaide".

Almost by the same post came a letter from Steve Jones in Hong Kong.  He tell me of a 1967/68 Aston Martin with an Vantage engine, abandoned on Boundary Street, Kowloon for about 14 years!  The doctor owner is believed to have emigrated to Canada.


Marooned in Kowloon for 15 years; this Aston (above and left) clearly needs some work to get it running again


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