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The Nation

VVVroom Tomb

May 30, 1977

Like Egypt's King Tutankhamen, who had a couple of golden chariots buried near him when he died in 1352 B.C., Californian Sandra Ilene West is journeying to the hereafter in style. Oil Heiress West died two months ago (the cause has not been determined) at the age of 37. Last week Mrs. West was buried, as she requested, "in my lace nightgown ... in my Ferrari, with the seat slanted comfortably." At the San Antonio cemetery where her husband is also buried, several hundred awed spectators looked on as a gray-painted wooden crate, 6 ft. by 8 ft. by 17 ft., was lowered into the ground by a crane. To deter any grave robbers cum 1964 Ferrari buffs, the crate was covered with concrete. And so another gas guzzler bites the dust.