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FERRARI 330 GT 2+2

The Ferrari 330 CT 2+2 went through many transformations during its production run. The original four-liter four-passenger Ferrari was a cross between the 250 GTE 2+2, whose body style it retained, and the 330 GT 2+2, whose engine it inherited. Only a few-less than fifty--of this type, often referred to as the 330 GT 2+2 America, were made in late 1963.

The first of the new 330 GT 2+2’s, carrying a new body style designed by Pinin Farina, was completed on December 31, 1963, and would remain in production through 1964 and well into 1965. The most obvious feature, and the most criticized, of the new body style was the adoption of four headlights.

Visually, the 330 GT 2+2 was extensively changed in late 1965 when the style was changed back to only two headlights--often referred to as the “single headlight” version, and the louvers on the fenders were replaced by three vents. The Maranello Concessionaires’ booklet refers to this style as the “Mk. II,” and in this guise the type was continued in production through 1967.

Changes were also taking place in the mechanics of the type as well. In the earlier part of 1965 the four-speed w/overdrive transmission was replaced by a five-speed gear box; the pedals which had come up through the floor, were replaced by “hanging” pedals; and the engine-driven fan was replaced by electric fans.

Exactly when these changes took place we, as yet, do not know, but it appears that it occurred somewhere around serial numbers in the late 6800’s or early 6900’s. We do know, however, that it did not occur at the same time as the revised styling changes, as it appears that the four light body style runs well into the higher 7000’s serial numbers

The lowest serial number we have for a 330 GT 2+2 (NOT considering the “America” series) is S/N 5263, which Maranello Concessionaires also lists as the first made in 1964. They also identify S/N 6593 as the first in 1965; S/N 7917 as the first 1966; and S/N 9471 as the first 1967. The highest number we have in our files for the type is S/H 10181.

Since June 1 1975, there have been 104 330 GT 2+2’s offered for sale. Of these 11 were identified as 1964’s; 27 as 1965’s; 36 as 1966’s; 22 as 1967’s; 5 as 1968’s, and 3 unspecified. A tabulation of asking prices reveals the following:

Low$ 4,200$ 4,500$ 5,500$ 4,900$ 4,200
Average$ 6,225$ 6,511$ 7,604$ 7,746$ 7,123
High$ 7,950$ 8,100$ 9,000$ 9,500$ 9,500

The type is also a good one to consider for the owner who wants a do-it-yourself project. A total of 11 330 GT 2+2s have been offered since June 1, 1975, needing various work done. These cars, not included in the above table, have been offered for as low as $2,375, and the average price was only $3,725

Also not included in the table is one car whose price for a 1965 model--$10,900 was considered too far out of line and would have, if included, given a false picture of the market.

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