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Tires and Wheels

The build sheets for 330 Americas specified Pirelli Cinturato 185x15 tires on Borrani RW 3801 wire wheels.

For early 4HL 330 GTs, Pirelli Cinturato 205x15 tires on Borrani RW 3801 B wheels were specified.  At serial number 6911 (5 speed), they were changed to Pirelli 210/15" HS on Borrani 3812/1-7L/15".  The 3801 wheels are 6.5" in width while the 3812s are 7" wide.

The 2HL cars came with Pirelli 210 HR 15 tires on Campagonolo 7L/15" Fuse (alloy) wheels as standard.  The 3812 Borrani wheels remained as an option.  The build sheets for the 2HL 330 GTs already had the tire type pre-printed.  It wasn't until serial number 9757 that the tire type was struck out and Dunlop 205/15" was typed in.

Here are pictures of what a previous owner of serial number 8855 claims are of an original tire.  Note that these are Pirelli Cinturato HS 205 VR 15.  The build sheet for 8855 specified Pirelli 210 HR 15 tires.

The following pictures are of a Pirelli 210 HR 15 tire.