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These are compiled from the list as provided in a 1964 article published in the Italian Quattroruote magazine.  So they would apply to the series 1 cars.  The one that is missing is the wood dash.  The original cars where made with a painted metal dash with the wood one being an option.

appoggiatesta sedile passeggeropassenger headrest
alzacristalli elettricielectric windows
cinghie valigieluggage straps (for back seat area)
cintura di sicurezza pilota e passeggerodriver and passenger seatbelts
piano appoggiabagagli sedili posterioriluggage shelf in place of rear seats*
radio Blaupunkt con antenna elettricaBlaupunkt radio and electric antenna
mobiletto ripiano oggetti e alloggiamento radioconsole with space for radio

* Several cars including 8657 are listed in Hilary Raab's red serial number book as having this option.