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Paint Colors

This list of paint colors comes from a 1964 article published in the Italian Quattroruote magazine.




grigio azzurro

grigie medio

grigio scuro


blu scuro

verde scuro





grigio argento metallizzato

grigio medio metallizzato

grigio scuro metallizzato

oro metallizzato

verde chiaro metallizzato

verde medio metallizzato

verde scuro metallizzato

blu chiaro metallizzato

celeste metallizzato

azzurro metallizzato

blu scuro metallizzato



blue gray

medium gray

dark gray


dark blue

dark green


dark red



metallic silver gray

metallic medium gray

metallic dark gray

metallic gold

metallic light green

metallic medium green

metallic dark green

metallic light blue

metallic sky blue

metallic blue

metallic dark blue

Original Colors as listed in the Registry

Amaranto 19379 It.Dark Red
Amaranto 20153 S. It.Dark Red
Argento 25090 A It.Silver
Avorio 19375 S It.Ivory
Avorio 19377 It.Ivory
Azzurro 19278 M It.Azure
Azzurro 20336 M It.Azure
Azzurro Real 16430 MMAzure
Bianco 12435 MMWhite
Bianco 18934 It.White
Bianco 20414 A It.White
Bleu 19391 It.Blue
Bleu 23900 M It.Blue
Bleu Chiaro 19343 MLight Blue
Bleu Notte 18943 MMidnight Blue
Bleu Notte 20454 A It.Midnight Blue
Bleu Scuro 18942 MDark Blue
Bleu Sera 20100 M It.Evening Blue
Bleu Sera 20264 A.It.Evening Blue
Blu It 20444 SBlue
Blu Sera 20264 A It.Evening Blue
Blue Chiaro It 20295 ALight Blue
Celeste 19321 M ItCeleste
Celeste 20411 A It.Celeste
Celeste 886 Celeste
Celeste Pullman 6850 It.Celeste
Giallo 826 It.Yellow
Grigio Argento 18940 M It.Silver Gray
Grigio Argento 20265 A. It.Silver Gray
Grigio Azzurro 19385Silver Blue
Grigio Azzurro 20553 S It.Silver Blue
Grigio Fumo 18944 M It.Smoke Gray
Grigio Fumo 20294 Acr. It.Smoke Gray
Grigio Medio 19249Medium Gray
Grigio Notte 18933 MMidnight Gray
Grigio Notte 20266 AMidnight Gray
Grigio Scuro 10152Dark Gray
Grigio Scuro 18932 MDark Gray
Marrone 19378 MBrown
Marrone 20325 It.Brown
Nero 18929Black
Nocciola 19397 MBronze
Nocciola 20451 A It.Bronze
Nocciola 20458 A It.Bronze
Oro Chiaro 19410 M It.Gold
Oro Chiaro 20450 A It.Gold
Rosso 19374 It.Red
Rosso 20200 S It.Red
Rosso Cina 20456 SChina Red
Rubino Chiaro 16213 MMLight Red
Rubino Chiaro 24373Light Red
Verde Brilliante 15533 MGreen
Verde Medio 19400 MMedium Green
Verde Medio 19947 A It.Medium Green
Verde Pino 19404 MPine Green
Verde Scuro 19394 It.Dark Green
Verde Scuro 20449 S It,Dark Green

* The paint codes come from documentation where Ferrari has supplied the original paint information. 

  • It. stands for Italver, maker of the paint used by Pininfarina.

  • MM stands for Max Meyer, another paint supplier.

  • A or Acr stands for acrylic.

  • M stands for Metallizzato (metallic). 

  • S stands for Sintetico (synthetic)

  • Sometimes the paint code is written like nn.nnn or 19.394 instead of 19394.

  • The original paint code was written on a sticker typically centered in between the hinges in the trunk.

This is an Italver paint chip set for Pininfarina cars.  The color names imply that these are for 365s.
However, I think that many of the colors are identical to those used on 330 GTs, which just a fancier name.
I want to thank Jon Shirley for providing access to these paint chip sets.

Click here for larger paint chip samples.

  1. 2.662.016 Avorio The Tetrarch

  2. 95.3.2643 Giallo My Swallow

  3. Verde Seabird 

  4. Azzurro Gladiateur 

  5. 95.3.6159 Blu Ortis

  6. 95.2991 Arancio Vaguely Noble

  7. 95.3.9301 Rosso Sir Ivor

  8. 95.9273 Rosso Nearco

  9. Nero Dark Ronald 

  10. 2.443.625 Grigio Argento Le Sancy

  11. 2.443.931 Grigio Mahmoud

  12. 2.443.214 Oro Kelso

  13. 2.443.221 Marrone Colorado

  14. Verde Medio Niyinsky

  15. Verde Pino Blenheim

  16. 2.443.625 Celeste Gainsborough

  17. 2.443.648/106-A-32 Azzurro Hyperion

  18. 2.443.631 Blu Ribot

This is a PPG/Italver paint chip set for Pininfarina cars.  These are for later 365s, after PPG bought Italver.


Click here for larger paint chip samples.
  1. Nero Dark Ronald (not shown) 
  2. 95.9273 Rosso Nearco
  3. 2.442.413 Amaranto Bull Lea
  4. Verde Seabird
  5. 2.662.016 Avorio The Tetrarch
  6. Bianco Tetratema

  7. Giallo Man O'War

  8. Verde Blenheim
  9. Turchese Molvedo
  10. Verde Bahram
  11. Viola Blandford
  12. 2.666.901 Blu Caracalla
  13. Azzurro Gladiateur (not shown)
  14. 2.443.607 Blu Tourbillon
  15. 2.443.631 Blu Ribot
  16. 2.443.648/106-A-32 Azzurro Hyperion
  17. 2.443.221 Marrone Colorado
  18. 2.443.214 Oro Kelso
  19. 2.443.248 Oro Nashrullah
  20. 2.448.813 Grigio Ortello
  21. 2.443.931 Grigio Mahmoud
  22. 2.443.625 Grigio Le Sancy
  23. 2.443.625 Celeste Gainsborough

This is a Max Meyer paint chip book for PF Coupes, but some of the colors were also used on 330 GTs   

  1. 10.027 Rosso Bordeaux

  2. 16.119 Rosso Rubino

  3. 10.593 Rosso

  4. 16.439 Bleu Sera

  5. 16.240 Azzurro

  6. 16.364 Verde Bottiglia

  7. 12.435 Bianco

  8. 13.420 Grigio Scuro

  9. 10.036 Nero

  10. 16.249 Grigio Conchiglia

  11. 16.672 Grigio Fumo

At the back of this book is the following disclaimer:

Per le note ragioni tecniche, le tinte de campionario sono soggette ad alterazione ed hanno, quindi, solo valore indicativo.

For technical reasons, the colors of the samples are subject to alteration and have, therefore, only indicative value.

This is a paint chip book for Scaglietti cars (275 GTB).  The 330s were made by Pininfarina.
However, an owner could order any color they wanted, which would include these colors.

  1. Argento Auteuil 106-E-1

  2. Marrone Ferrari 20-M-189

  3. Amaranto Ferrari 20-R-188

  4. Rosso Cordoba Metallizzato 106-R-7

  5. Rosso Ferrari 20-R-187

  6. Rosso Rubino 106-R-12

  7. Rosso Chiaro Ferrari 20-R-190

  8. Giallo FIy 20-Y-191

  9. Bianco 96-W-157

  10. Nero 20-B-50

  11. Bleu Ultrascuro 20-A-174

  12. Bleu Ferrari 20-A-185

  13. Bleu Notte Metallizzato106-A-31

  14. Bleu Sera Metallizzato 106-A-18

  15. Bleu Chiaro Metallizzato 106-A-38

  16. Celeste Chiaro Metallizzato 106-A-26

  17. Azzurro Metallizzato 106-A-32

  18. Azzurro La Plata 20-A-167

  19. Oro Chiaro Metallizzato 106-Y-19

  20. Avorio 20-Y-153

  21. Bianco Polo Park 20-W-152

  22. Verde Scuro Ferrari 20-G-186

  23. Nocciola Metallizzato 106-M-27

  24. Verde Pino Metallizzato 106-G-30

  25. Verde Medio Metallizzato 106-G-29

  26. Grigio Brighton 20-E-166

  27. Grigio Notte Metallizzato 106-E-28

  28. Celeste Metallizzato 106-A-16

  29. Grigio Ferro Metallizzato 106-E-8

These are paint codes from a Ditzler/PPG paint book:

1963-7120414.A BIAOff White (Tetratema Bianco)Gray White - much lighter and cleaner than68625
1971 & Prior Dark Ronald Black  9000
1963-712033.6A AZZBlue Poly (Hyperion Azzurro)Medium Gray Blue - much cleaner, lighter than (with Poly)1413093
1963-7148Ribot Blue PolyMedium Blue - lighter, bluer than (with Poly)313094
1963-6745Silver Blue PolyMedium Silver Blue Gray - lighter, bluer than1613095
1968-71 Gainsborough Celeste PolySilver Blue - slightly lighter than1613770
1968-71 Tourbillon Blue PolyDark Blue - darker, bluer than4713771
1968-71 Caracalla Blue PolyDark Blue - deeper blue2513772
1968-71 Bright Blue Poly (Gladiateur Azzurro)Bright Blue - much brighter and bluer than9613773
1963-6720325.S MARCordovan (Marrone)Dark Brown - browner than8422612
1963-6720451.S NOCTan (Nocciola)Medium Tan - darker - no Poly11322614
1968-71 Colorado Brown PolyBronze Gold - darker, richer, browner than1923149
1968-71 Kelso Gold PolyDark Gold - darker than8923150
1968-71 Nasbrullah Gold PolyMedium Beige - darker (with Poly)2423151
1963-6720152.S GRIDark Gray (Griglo Scuro)Dark Gray - darker than6932496
1963-6719249 36Medium Gray (Grigio Medio)Medium Gray - lighter than6232497
1968-71330LeSancy Silver Gray PolyMedium Gray - lighter than6732771
1968-71 Mahmoud Gray PolyMedium Gray - darker (with Poly)7032779
1968-71 Ortello Gray PolyMedium Dark Gray - darker (with Poly)3732780
1968-71 Molvedo TurquoiseMedium Dark Green - slightly lighter than11443997
1968-71 Blenheim Green PolyMedium Dark Green  - darker, richer than5243998
1968-71 Bahram Green PolyMedium Light Green  - darker, richer than6443999
1968-71 Seabird GreenDark Green6544000
1963-69 Bull Lea MaroonMaroon7550710
1968-71 Blandford VioletPurple Violet 50814
1968 Race Car RedLight Red - slightly darker than3370797
1963-68 RedBright Red - richer, darker9971508
1968 RedDark Red - much darker 71727
1968-7119374Rosso RedMedium Dark Red - (redder than 71727)3371145
1968-71 The Tetrarch CreamPale Cream - lighter than1381729
1968-71 Man O’War YellowPale Yellow - cleaner than10581730

Here's a chart with the original colors classified by general color group.  This is based on the ~825 cars where the original color is known.  As you can see, blue was predominant with silver and gray being the next most popular.

This chart is for the last known colors of ~1035 cars.  As you can see, clearly later owners think that a Ferrari should be red or they got painted resale red in the process of being sold.