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S/N 7161 Detail

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S/NDescriptionMotor #Body #L/RHDOriginal Paint ColorOptions
Transmission TypeEuro/USManufacture DateLeather/Carpet ColorsComment
7161330 GT 4 Headlight7161LHDBleu 23900 M It.P/W, A/C, Radio
5 Speed 571/65Euro1965/10/25Beige Scuro VM 84640 DCZ/6 carbs, Series II dash
Detail TypeDatePriceMileageOwner # WheelsPaint ColorComment
NameState/ProvCountryLeather/Carpet ColorsPlate Number/Location
Copyright  1965 Robert J. NearyPurchase19651 AlloyBleu 23900 M It.
Comm. Enzo Ferrari MOItalyBeige Scuro VM 846
M. G. Crepaldi Automobili S.a.s. MOItalyTan
Purchase19662 WireFrom Crepladi
Tullio Lombardo MIItaly
Other1966/05/31WireRegistered with MI B 49779 plates
Tullio Lombardo MIItalyMI B49779/Italy
Purchase1966/08/263 Wire
Amedeo Carina and Sons S.a.S. MIItalyMI B49779/Italy
Purchase1978/12/164 Wire
Luigi Della Noce MIItalyMI B49779/Italy
Other1979/03/12WireRegistered with MI 96181 E plates
Luigi Della Noce MIItalyMI 96181E/Italy
Other1979/10/18Signed card by Enzo Ferrari confirming him as first owner.
Comm. Enzo Ferrari MOItaly
For Sale
Culombo Donato COItaly
Purchase1984/10/225 Turquoise
Fritz Leirer ARSwitzerlandTan
Other1984/10/23TurquoiseItalian registration canceled due to export.
Fritz Leirer ARSwitzerlandTanMI 96181E/Italy
Other1988/02/03Factory letter confirming Enzo Ferrari as first owner.
Copyright  1994 Marcel MassiniOther1994/05/28TurquoiseAt FOC Switzerland Meet.
Fritz Leirer ARSwitzerlandTanAR 6408/Switzerland
Fritz Leirer ARSwitzerland
Other1998WireTurquoiseModel made by BBR for Fritz Leirer. Run of 4 painted in original color supplied by Leirer.
B.B.R. Exclusive Car Models VAItalyTan
Copyright  2002 Marcel MassiniOther2002/10/13WireTurquoiseAt FOC Switzerland 30th Anniversary.
Fritz Leirer ARSwitzerlandTanAR 6408/Switzerland
Copyright  2002 Marcel Massini 
Fritz Leirer ARSwitzerlandTan/Black
Fritz Leirer ARSwitzerlandTan/Black
Fritz Leirer ARSwitzerlandTan/Black
Copyright  2011 Marcel MassiniOther2011/07/03WireTurquoiseFerrari Club Suisse Historic Car Lunch in Steckborn, Switzerland
Fritz Leirer ARSwitzerlandTan/BlackAR 6408/Switzerland
Copyright  2011 Marcel Massini  Copyright  2011 Marcel Massini  Copyright  2011 Marcel Massini  Copyright  2011 Marcel Massini  Copyright  2011 Marcel Massini 
Copyright  2011 Sverigenils Other2011/11/19WireTurquoiseSeen in St. Moritz, Switzerland
Fritz Leirer ARSwitzerlandTan/BlackAR 6408/Switzerland
Other2018WireTurquoiseModel made by BBR, 2017 version, wire wheels.
B.B.R. Exclusive Car Models VAItalyTan
Other2018AlloyTurquoiseModel made by BBR, 1965 when owned by Enzo Ferrari, alloy wheels.
B.B.R. Exclusive Car Models VAItalyTan

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