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S/N 7553 Detail

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S/NDescriptionMotor #Body #L/RHDOriginal Paint ColorOptions
Transmission TypeEuro/USManufacture DateLeather/Carpet ColorsComment
7553330 GT 2 Headlight7553LHDP/W, A/C
5 Speed 571/65EuroFirst production 2 HL
Detail TypeDatePriceMileageOwner # WheelsPaint ColorComment
NameState/ProvCountryLeather/Carpet ColorsPlate Number/Location
Fidier (France) France
Copyright  2011 Marcel MassiniOther2011/10/28Engine in 330 GT 5613.
Best Auto Srl. MOItaly
Purchase2015/10/21AlloyRedEngine from 330 GT 7149 in car.
Red Parts NA Inc FLUSABlack
Owned2015/11/13Car is in Italy for restoration.
Red Parts NA Inc FLUSA
Copyright  2021 Marcel MassiniOther2021/07/03WireDark BrownAt Concorso d’Eleganza at Casa Maria Luigia, Modena, Italy.
Unknown FranceBeigeFV368NA/France
Copyright  2021 Marcel Massini  Copyright  2021 Marcel Massini 
Copyright  2022 Marcel MassiniFor Sale2022/04/22WireDark Brown
Niki Hasler AG SwitzerlandBeigeFV368NA/France
Copyright  2022 Marcel Massini 

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