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S/N 8435 Detail

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S/NDescriptionMotor #Body #L/RHDOriginal Paint ColorOptions
Transmission TypeInt. Motor #Euro/USLeather/Carpet ColorsComment
8435330 GT 2 Headlight8435LHDVerde Pino 19404 MP/W
5 Speed 571/66EuroBeige 3218Rear seats like 7187
Detail TypeDatePriceMileageOwner # WheelsPaint ColorComment
NameState/ProvCountryLeather/Carpet ColorsPlate Number/Location
Import1966Verde Pino 19404 M
Rugico S.A. SpainBeige 3218
Purchase19661 Verde Pino 19404 M
Unknown SpainBeige 3218
Other1966/07/20First registered in Spain
Unknown SpainM-522729/Spain
Other2006/06/24AlloyRedAt 5th Suances Meeting, Cantabria, Spain.
Unknown SpainTanM-522729/Spain
For Sale2016/06/14AlloyRed€410,000 for 8435 and Testarossa 83536. Books, car in Spain.
BestClassicCars PolandTan/TanM-522729/Spain
Other2016/06/14AlloyRedNo longer for sale
*** SpainTan/TanM-522729/Spain
For Sale2016/10/12$290000  85835 KMAlloyRedNot sold. eBay 122166777357. Buy It Now or Make Offer.
alexmartinvlc (eBay id) SpainTan/TanM-522729/Spain

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