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S/N 10193 Detail

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S/NDescriptionMotor #Body #L/RHDOriginal Paint ColorOptions
Transmission TypeEuro/USManufacture DateLeather/Carpet ColorsComment
10193330 GT 2 Headlight10193LHDArgento 25090 A It.P/W, A/C
5 Speed 571/66EuroRosso Scuro VM 893Last 330 GT
Detail TypeDatePriceMileageOwner # WheelsPaint ColorComment
NameState/ProvCountryLeather/Carpet ColorsPlate Number/Location
Copyright 1967 Marcel MassiniOther1967Argento 25090 A It.Last 330 GT coming off the line.
SEFAC SpA MOItalyRosso Scuro VM 893
Copyright 1967 Marcel Massini 
Purchase19671 Argento 25090 A It.
Concari (Italy) ItalyRosso Scuro VM 893
Other1967/08/03  9867 KMServiced at the factory
SEFAC SpA MOItaly63542 L5/Italy
Copyright 1968 Manfred LampeOther1968/10/26At Midwest Dinner Meet, Tosi's, St. Joseph, MI
Max J. Goldman Jr. MIUSA
For Sale1968/12$8950  10000 MiSilver
Max J. Goldman Jr. MIUSABlack
Eldar Larsen Norway
For Sale1976/10/09Silver
Unknown CAUSARed
Gary T. Weaver OHUSA
For Sale1982/12  21000 KMGray
Gary T. Weaver OHUSABlack
Gary T. Weaver OHUSA
For Sale1983/11$23000Silver
Gary T. Weaver OHUSABlackV88017 MI/Italy
For Sale1983/11$16900
Gary T. Weaver OHUSAV88017 MI/Italy
Robert M. Taylor INUSABlack
For Sale1988/05$35000WireSilver
Robert M. Taylor INUSABlackV88017 MI/Italy
Purchase1988$35000+3WireSilverCar dealer bought sight unseen, cashier's check and flatbed picked it up.
Unknown USABlack
Elvidio Grande PAUSA
Purchase1998/06$40000  24600 KM+2WireSilver
Charles Hazle OHUSARed
Other2002/06/29WireSilverAt Canton, OH Italian Heritage Festival
Charles Hazle OHUSARedANZ 8055/OH
Owned2002/08/16  33792 KMWireSilver
Charles Hazle OHUSARedANZ 8055/OH
Charles Hazle OHUSA
Charles Hazle OHUSA
Charles Hazle OHUSARed
Charles Hazle OHUSARed
Charles Hazle OHUSARed
Owned2009/02/15  38000 KMSilver
Charles Hazle OHUSARed
Article2009/03/23SilverArticle in Autoweek, Mar 23, 2009, p47.
Charles Hazle OHUSARed
Owned2011/01/03  38000 KMWireSilver
Charles Hazle OHUSARed/Black
Owned2013/01/06  38000 KMWireSilver
Charles Hazle OHUSARed/Black
Owned2015/01/31  38000 KMWireSilver
Charles Hazle OHUSARed/Black
Owned2016/02/02  38000 KMWireSilver
Charles Hazle OHUSARed/Black
Owned2017/02/11  40000 KMWireSilver
Charles Hazle OHUSARed/Black

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