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S/N 7099 Detail

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S/N Description Motor # Body # L/RHD Original Paint Color Options
Transmission Type Int. Motor # Euro/US Leather/Carpet Colors Comment
7099 330 GT 4 Headlight 7099 LHD M/W
5 Speed 571/65 1092 US Evidently 2 cars, one original and one rebodied as 1959 TR replica
Detail Type Date Price Mileage Owner # Wheels Paint Color Comment
Name State/Prov Country Leather/Carpet Colors Plate Number/Location
Import 1965?
Auto Becker Gmbh & Co Germany
Article 1998/12 Red Article in Jornal dos Clássicos #33, p20.
Unknown Portugal SN-99-42/Portugal
For Sale 2002/11 $48200 €60,000.
Unknown Portugal SN-99-42/Portugal
Owned 2003/11/23 Red
Unknown Portugal SN-99-42/Portugal
Rebody 2003? 1962 TR Replica, new chassis, AL body.
Terry Hoyle ESS UK
Purchase Uncompleted replica.
Unknown USA
Rebody 2004/03 Uncompleted replica being finished by Greg Jones. Fitted with early 330 dry sump engine w/6 daytona carbs.
Gregory S. Jones FL USA
For Sale 2005/08/27 $335000 Wire 1959 TR rebody
Gregory S. Jones FL USA
Owned 2011/02/06 Wire Red
Unknown BC Canada
Owned 2012/04/04 Wire Red
Miguel Lima Portugal Black/Tan
Auction 2013/04/22 Wire Red Not sold, RNM@£55,500. Engine is out of car, needs rebuilding. eBay 271190541810. Internal motor number 242, from 330 GT 6013
oazemeis (eBayID) Portugal Black/Tan
Purchase 2013/04 Red Sold to UK.
Unknown UK Black/Tan
Purchase 2013/11/30   80000 KM Red Broken engine, trying to find replacement.
Jean-Paul Dispas Belgium Black/Tan
Purchase 2014/07/07 Wire Red
LM Classic cars Belgium Black/Gray
For Sale 2014/09/14   62000 KM Wire Red
LM Classic cars Belgium Black/Gray 99-4????/The Netherlands

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