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S/N 5723 Detail

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S/NDescriptionMotor #Body #L/RHDOriginal Paint ColorOptions
Transmission TypeInt. Motor #Euro/USLeather/Carpet ColorsComment
5723330 GT 4 Headlight5723800LHDAvorio 19.377M/W
4 Speed w/OD 571158EuroNero 8500Metal dash, Converted (crash repaired?) to 2 headlights
Detail TypeDatePriceMileageOwner # WheelsPaint ColorComment
NameState/ProvCountryLeather/Carpet ColorsPlate Number/Location
Purchase19641 Avorio 19.377
Hollman (Italy) TOItalyNero 8500
For Sale1970/10/18$7000WireWhite
Walter Traub CTUSABlack
For Sale1971/06/06White
Walter Traub CTUSABlack
Walter Traub CTUSABlack
For Sale1972/04/09  35000 MiWireWhiteSingle HL front
Walter Traub CTUSABlack
For Sale1972/05  35000 MiWireWhiteSingle HL model so already converted
Walter Traub CTUSABlack
Owned1972/06/03  60767 KMServiced at Chinetti
Frank Cacciatore ILUSA
Mel Ferrar
Other1996In UK
Unknown UK
For Sale2000/12/07  85000 KMRedOffer to Gerry Bensinger/OH
Unknown Black
Article2002/07WireRedArticle in Classic & Sports Car, 7/2002, p 106
Andrew Howarth of Cheshire CHSUKBlackJWB 988C/UK
For Sale2002/07WireRed
Andrew Howarth of Cheshire CHSUKBlack
Auction2002/10/02$34540  82684 MiWireRedSold 22050. Lot 64 at Buxton, UK auction.
H & H Classic Auctions CheshireUKBlackJWB 988C/UK
For Sale2003/06/20$39120WireRed25,000.
Marcel Roks Consultants BVBA BelgiumBlack
Rebuild2009/03RedUndergoing full engine rebuild
Unknown PortugalBlack/BlackCB-94-00/Portugal
Bernardo Marco Reino AlgarvePortugalBlack
Purchase2014/12/01  88811 KM+2WireRed
Higino Afonso da Fonseca BragaPortugalBlack/BlackCB-94-00/Portugal
Owned2015/02/04  88 KMWireRedThe car was submited to a full restoration 3 years ago having only run for about 3 thousand Km. I only am doing at the present, some attention in the engine bay and other lithe things.
Higino Afonso da Fonseca BragaPortugalBlack/BlackCB-94-00/Portugal
Jorcar LeiriaPortugalBlack/BlackCB-94-00/Portugal
For Sale2017/02/11WireRed
Jorcar LeiriaPortugalBlack/BlackCB-94-00/Portugal

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